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3D K-14 | Pad Cleaning Spur - Wool Must Have

3D K-14 | Pad Cleaning Spur - Wool Must Have

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If you cut with wool pads on rotary polishers the 3D Pad Spur is a MUST HAVE tool!

What is it? - A steel pad cleaning spur with a rotating cowboy style steel spur on one end of the tool and a rubber encased handle on the other end of the tool for a sure grip when cleaning pads.

What does it do? - The steel spur rotates or spins against the spinning wool buffing pad removing product residue and paint or gelcoat that has been abraded off the surface to restore a cleaner, dryer and easier to use buffing pads.

When do you use it? - As you’re working around a car or boat.  It’s important to clean you pad often.

Why use 3D Pad Spur over other options? - The 3D Pad Spur is solid construction steel with a rubber covered pistol grip handle.  The quality construction will last for year and even decades.  Most people will hand down their 3D Pad Spur to their children’s children.


Wool pads on rotary polishers are incredibly fast for removing sanding marks and other paint defects fast.  As a wool pads spins against the surface and abrades it you have two things building up on the face of the pad.

1: Wasted product

2: Removed paint or in the case of boat detailing, removed gelcoat

The downside of not using the 3D Spur to clean your pads often:

  1. If you don’t use a spur to clean your pad often these two residues continue to build-up and make buffing more difficult.
  2. Dirty pads make the residue more gummy and harder to wipe-off, this tires you or your employees out and requires more towels to do the job.
  3. When you add fresh product to a dirty pad you pollute and dilute the fresh product making it and you - less effective.
  4. Dirty pads are also wet pads and wet pads are HARDER than dry pads and are more difficult to buff with – this tires you or your staff out.
  5. Dirty pads put in deeper holograms than clean pads causing you to spend more time, energy, pads, and products to remove these holograms during the polishing step.
  6. Dirty pads create more heat, and this causes the surface temperature to increase and then dries your product reducing buffing cycle time and increasing dusting.

There are zero good reasons to not use a spur to clean a wool or fiber buffing pads often.  Above are 6 great reasons to use a spur to clean you pad often.

Here’s the upsides to cleaning your pads often:

  1. Paint correction is faster as clean, dry loose fibers are more effective at cutting the surface then dirty, fibers that have and are matting together.
  2. Buffing is easier on you – a clean pad with fresh product buffs smooth and easy.
  3. Clean pads with fresh product results in a residue film that wipes off easier – this keeps you from becoming tired quickly.
  4. Clean wool pads are fluffy wool pads, and they buff much cooler than dirty, wet pads.
  5. Clean wool pads have more individual fibers making contact with the surface, together with your choice of product means more efficient cutting of the surface.
  6. Cleaning your pad often prevents the build-up of spent product and paint residues in and on your buffing pads.

Professionals know having and using the right tool for the job is what separates true professionals from newbies, hacks, and wannabes.  Don’t be a caveman and use a screwdriver or any other object to clean your pads, do it right and use a 3D Pad Spur.  The cowboy style spur rotates against the face of the buffing pad lifting and separating the fibers to restore a clean, dry fluffy buffing pads – exactly what you want.   Screwdrivers, nails, and other common objects tear of the buffing pad shortening lifespan and are dramatically less efficient and even dangerous.