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3D ACA 500 | X-Tra Cut Compound - Cuts P1000 or Finer
3D ACA 500 | X-Tra Cut Compound - Cuts P1000 or Finer
3D ACA 500 | X-Tra Cut Compound - Cuts P1000 or Finer
3D ACA 500 | X-Tra Cut Compound - Cuts P1000 or Finer
3D ACA 500 | X-Tra Cut Compound - Cuts P1000 or Finer

3D ACA 500 | X-Tra Cut Compound - Cuts P1000 or Finer

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What is it? - A body shop safe, silicone-free, water based premium quality fast cutting compound for use with wool pads and rotary polishers to remove sanding marks in body shop environments.

What does it do? - 3D ACA 500 X-TRA Cut Compound is formulated and intended for use in body shops to remove sanding marks after wet sanding. It can also be used by detailers for paint correction including removing deep scratches, water spots, swirls, and oxidation. 3D ACA 500 X-TRA Cut Compound levels automotive paint surfaces to create a more perfect finish.

When do you use it? - After wet sanding paint to remove the sanding marks or anytime you need to perform paint correction to remove serious and/or deep swirls, scratches, water spots or oxidation and prep the paint for the polishing step.

Why use 3D ACA 500 over other options? - Fast cutting, long buffing cycle, zero dusting and easy wipe-off – what’s not to like? Plus, 3D’s exclusive and even exotic Alpha Ceramic Alumina abrasive technology does not retain heat like conventional abrasive technology. This helps to keep surface temperatures low. 

Low buffing temperatures are important because unlike the misinformation that floats around the internet, heat is not good for clearcoats. You’re NOT supposed to heat-up clearcoat paint as a part of any buffing process although some people teach this as an approved practice.

Besides top-notch product performance, 3D keeps your safety as a top priority when formulating any product including all of our compounds, polishes, and all-in-ones. 

There is ZERO crystalline silica in 3D ACA 500 X-TRA Cut Compound just like there is zero crystalline silica in any of our products. Crystalline silica is a fine, glass particulate that floats in the air. It’s cheap and this is why it was commonly used in other brands of compounds, polishes, and all-in-one type products. 

Here at 3D, we have NEVER used crystalline silica in any of our products and we never will. We make products that are safe for you and the environment.

  • FAST cutting compound for removing sanding marks and other serious paint defects like swirls, scratches, water spots and oxidation
  • 3D ACA 500 X-TRA Cut Compound is specifically formulated for use with WOOL cutting pads with rotary polishers
  • Precision engineered (proprietary) Alpha Ceramic Alumina, (ACA) sub-micron abrasive technology
  • Removes down to P1000 grit sanding marks
  • Body shop safe – Fresh paint safe – Silicone free!
  • Does NOT contain OSHA regulated Crystalline Silica! - HUMAN SAFE
  • Water-based – No harsh solvents or foul odors!
  • Wipes off easy! – Won’t clog buffing pads –– Competitive pricing
  • 3D’s Green Earth Technology – Biodegradable, Prop 65 and V.O.C. compliant